Natural Curly Hair Wonder

I literally just happened upon this dope new product that is right up the natural girl’s alley.  Introducing Curlmix“, a DIY Box for Curly Hair. This company sends you all natural ingredients every month to make your own hair products at home from scratch along with recipes to guide you along the way. You can expect a brand new recipe every month.  What is really dope is they provide you with the option of a preservative for those who do not want to store your products in the fridge. It adds six months of shelf life to your product, is free of parabens and other nasty chemicals.  What a sense of accomplishment and awesomeness when you make your own hair product and know exactly what you are putting on your precious crown.



2 thoughts on “Natural Curly Hair Wonder

    1. thetoughtulip says:

      Hi there! Yes, it seems as though their products are only for curly hair however, I will do some research to see if I can find this same concept for other hair types. And I will start to do reviews on products as well. Thanks for the comment!

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